Stonework, paving – Jirikovice by Nove Mesto na Morave, exterier

Stonework – blackmica  gneiss from Zelezne Horky quarry.

Paving- granite from Horka quarry.

Base wall with narrow joint with many corners and separated walls. One of the stonework partly creates the front side of the cellar with an entrance where a stone lintel is used. In the upper part, there is a built-in support of a small gate. In the second lower part, there is a built-in electrical box. In the front of the wall, there is a niche for a postbox. Between both parts, there is an entrance into the garden. Next wall is divided in two parts, a column (0.4m x 0.4m x 1.6m) and a short wall, where there is a support for a small gate and a drain, with a niche at the bottom. Stoneworks are self-supporting,  both side perspective with deckstones.

Paving is dry laid, with narow joint, using  stones of diferent sizes (the biggest ones in front of the entrance door). Inclinations create a skew surface. Between the paved area and walls, there  is a space for flowerbeds.