Stonework – Horice, Chvalina I

Sandstone from Kohoutov – Vyhnanov quarry. In dry laid wall, along the road, this material is supplemented with Horice, Podhorni Ujezd and Brezovice sandstones.

Dry laid walls and stonework with minimal joint, with short horizontal lines, precisely made edges and with 600mm wide deckstones. Long dry laid wall around the road is partly self-supporting,and partly supporting. The wall begins with the corner from massive, partly worked stone, which supports the self-supporting stonework. This part continues with two massive, partly worked stones, which frame the gate. These stones are extended by a dry laid wall, which is ended by stonework with a built-in electric box with a straight vault. This part continues by a supporting dry laid wall, where there is a semi-circular niche around a tree and the end of this wall.