Reconstruction of castle stonework – Cimburk by Korycany

Local sandstone from original construction.

Reconstruction of castle stonework from 14th century. The corner of the northern peripheral wall was taken down and it was built again. New blocks of stones were used to rebuilt the corner. The following part of northern peripheral wall was rebuilt with a hint of the window frame. In the area of the first castle gate, there was built a part of the peripheral wall. We continued building the vault in the area of the castle cellar. Excavation and claeaning of the descruction in the north-west palace corner. There was built a new supporting pillar in the north-west palace corner. The old damaged retaining wall was taken down and it was built again. The deck of the wall was insulated and covered with a turf.

The work was carried out under the supervision of the professional public and it was a part of the applied research of cements of Brno Universty of Technology (Faculty of Civil Engineering). Metakaolin cement was used for the work. The reconstruction was carried out in cooperation with the civil association Polypeje. Renewal of the object is under the authority of the Office for Protection And Conservation of Monuments.