We make masonry, facing and mosaics, put the pavements and stairs,cut the stone surfaces. We cause in this branch on a long term basis, we have experiences with new buildings, reconstructions and with renovations of the historical monuments. We will be glad to advise you with a choice of the kind of stone or technology. We work all over the Czech republic and in the foreign countries.

We carry out walls from stones of all kinds of bindings and widths of joints, iťs possible to realize as well as framed wall and stone walls with clay loam cement. Then dry walls from stones, stone facings and retention walls. We lay stone pavements from natural stones and flat stones, stone-pitching and stone pitching pavements, all to underlayer of ballast, cement or to adhesive. We lay stone massive stairs in exteriers and interiers, solitairs and decorative stones, boulders and flat stones. We realize mosaics. We realize repairs of stone constructions and we make renovations of the historical monuments and we are concerned with historical technologies of stonework. We build stone fireplaces and chimney places.
We work with all available and suitable rock. By the customer wish we guarantee material matched to technical and design requirement and localization of constructions with a wiew to minimalazation of cost. We guarantee draft of stone right in the quary.
We build stone walls and dwarf walls, supporting walls, retaining walls, retention walls and facings, fences, gates, arcades, vaults, bridges and little bridges, houses, chimney places and smoking-chambers, stone stairs, water wells, small lakes, parts of interier. We lay stone flats in exteriers as well as interiers, roads and pavements, platforms, door yards and yards. Garden architecture surounds dry walls and dwarf walls, fireplaces, stone lagoons, brooks and waterfalls.
We’re not limited by concrete region, we build in a whole Czech republic as well as abroad. We suply stone from Czech quaries.
We usualy work with stone with flat fracture (natual design without marks of instruments.) Besides it we can realize by our own resources the surfaces handly slated, spiked, ripped, crandalled, bordered, grooved and especially arranged. We can also guarantee another surface tratments (after polishing).
Price of certainly construction is individual. Important factors are demands to accuracy, used technology, way of stone working, rocktype and stoneworking difficulty. Price of the work, material and traffic expense etc. we count separately. Price of the stones is given by the price of raw material and product demands. We are not VAT payers.
Time of finishing of work depends on dificulty of design and material support and connected work fluency. We suply stone by offer. I´ts good to speak the termin of work with time reserve. In case of larger work contracts i´ts possible for us to cooperate with coleagues with similar profesional orientation.
We guarantee all consructions. We supply the stone with the Certificate of Conformity.